Rising From Homelessness: A Veteran’s Story of Hope


A soldier and mother of four shines her light on others in need    

When U.S. Army Reserve Veteran Sequoyia Hurt and her husband Daniel found themselves and their children without a roof over their heads after the apartment in which they were living no longer accepted Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing vouchers, the family moved into Haven for Hope, a shelter for families in San Antonio.  

Shelter life can be challenging. For a family of six, nearly impossible. But that didn’t dampen Hurt’s spirit, nor slow her resolve to build back their life. Hurt is one of those people who spots the good in anything, who sees the silver lining on a dark cloud.  

“It wasn’t the easiest,” she recalls. “We have four children: a teenager who’s ready to do their own thing and three young children full of energy. I was always making sure the kids were with me, watching them, trying to keep them safe. 

“But I’m really grateful for that time,” she adds. “While we were there, we were able to (access) a lot of resources.” 

Among those resources? Endeavors, a San Antonio-based nonprofit that has been offering a hand up to people experiencing homelessness since 1969. 

Hurt says Endeavors, which also provides support for disaster relief and Veteran services, was crucial to helping her family with the logistics of getting back on their feet. 

Endeavors covered the cost of repairs to the family’s car and then nominated the family for a program where a local auto shop completed the remaining repairs at no cost.  

Logistics aside, Hurt says it was through Endeavors that she also found the hope to move forward.  

Endeavors introduced her to Grace After Fire. The group assists female Veterans in the transition from military to civilian life by providing support and fellowship. Through them, Hurt met other women Veterans at Haven for Hope. 

“It was a time for me to grow and mature and learn new techniques to deal with all that was going on, including past traumas,” she says. “I was able to face life more confidently – even while being homeless and not knowing how I was going to provide for my family.” 

In January 2023,  Endeavors secured housing for Hurt and her family. It was one more step in the chain of support. Since then, Endeavors has linked Hurt with the San Antonio Ready To Work program, and she’s earning certifications in personal training and nutrition via Texas Tech University and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  

Hurt also enrolled in medical assistant school and is studying for her pharmacy exam. She plans to access GI Bill benefits to study pre-med, to eventually open a center for holistic health and wellness services for under-served populations.  

In the meantime, Hurt maintains her characteristic optimism. And her drive to pay it forward.  

She and her husband started an organization that partners with community groups to identify individuals experiencing homelessness who need basic services, focusing their efforts on those who tend to shy away from service hubs and shelters.  

They also volunteer at clothing, food, and water distributions, and recently joined forces with Angie’s Heart Ministries and Harvest Center for a back-to-school supply and food drive for families in need. 

All of these activities align with Hurt’s ethos of looking on the bright side and lifting others up when you can. Or even sometimes when you can’t. As she puts it:  

“I tell people to trust in God – however that may be for you – find a source of peace and then find a support group. I had my case manager, Brittany, at Endeavors. I could talk to her and she was able to provide resources and information. And she connected me with women who had similar experiences and they helped me work through things. So, find someone — a support group or a person – you can relate to.  

“And remember that you do have a purpose. You are here for a reason. Know that, and never give up.” 

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Hear Sequoyia’s story in her own words.

About Endeavors  

Endeavors is a longstanding national non-profit that provides an array of programs and services in support of children, families, Veterans, and those struggling with mental illness and other disabilities. Endeavors serves vulnerable people in crisis through innovative personalized services. For more information, please visit endeavors.org. 

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