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With a proven track record in disaster relief and recovery, Endeavors steps up to help our community’s most vulnerable individuals, including victims of hurricanes, tornadoes, public health crises, and inclement weather.

Our Services

When disaster strikes, our Rapid Deployment team helps shelter and serve those in danger. After the storm clears, our Disaster Case Managers help survivors rebuild their lives through individualized and customized recovery plans. From inclement weather shelters to complete home repairs, Endeavors offers help, hope, and recovery.

Disaster Case Management

Disaster Recovery

There is no “one size fits all” recovery plan after disaster strikes. Because every disaster is different, our Disaster Recovery services place a high emphasis on the unique needs of each individual case.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

With over 1,600 professional reserve staff located throughout the United States, Endeavors is available to deploy within 72 hours of activation in response to natural disasters, crisis, or public health emergencies. From hurricane shelters to unaccompanied minor care, we provide both the resources and staff needed during times of crisis.


Endeavors Corporate Office
6363 De Zavala Rd.
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Emergency Services

Make a difference for individuals with nowhere to turn after a disaster. Your donation will help families struggling after hurricanes and other natural disasters get back on their feet and rebuild a life of safety and hope.

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