Reveille Retreat

Reveille Retreat

Through Reveille Retreat, EndeavorsTM provides supportive housing, case management, life skills training, employment development, educational assistance and other supportive services to Veteran women with disabilities and their children in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

We provide the following services through Reveille

  • A safe, healthy, stable and secure place to live
  • Life skills training in parenting, finance, conflict resolution, relationship, problem solving, leadership and other social interaction issues
  • Assistance in meeting educational needs of school age children
  • Symptom management
  • Case management services
  • An individualized assessment

The goals for this program include

  • Providing a safe, healthy, stable and caring environment
  • Increasing self-sufficiency and family/personal income through education, job training, and job placement
  • Decreasing episodes of homelessness and/or acute psychiatric care

For referrals/admissions to Reveille Retreat, please contact the Housing Coordinator at:
910-672-6166 x244
[email protected]