Will Owen

Will Owen passed away shortly after this story was written in 2020. We are grateful for his many contributions to the Endeavors family, and we continue to honor his legacy through service and dignity.

Will has been an active Fairweather Lodge member since May of 1994. He is the President and Medication Monitor of Progressive Lodge and has also taken the lead in managing the lodge bank account and assisting his fellow lodge members with day to day living skills.

After a few months of entering the program, Will began working for Fairweather Professional Services, now known as Endeavors Unlimited in their janitorial and landscaping crew. He resigned several years ago. He volunteers with the San Antonio Club House in his spare time. Throughout his 24 years with the Fairweather Lodge Program, he has received numerous awards including Employee of the Month, Employee of the Year, Client of the Quarter, and Client of the Year.

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