Staying Home Due to COVID-19? Don’t Cancel Your Mental Health Appts 

Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics Updates

As this week has grown increasingly tense for our communities, we wanted to let you know that we care, and we have resources to help. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has left many asking, “What is safe? Where am I allowed to go? Who should I stay away from? What places are open or closed?”  

From both our staff and the South Texas Veterans Health Care System, here are a few words on how to stay safe and prevent the spread of the virus: 

  • Educate yourself on the recommended precautions, but do not panic. 
  • Stay calm. Assess your potential risks. 
  • If you are medically compromised, over 60, or caring for someone in those categories, you are encouraged to engage in social distancing, as recommended by the CDC. 
  • Make plans to be at home for a couple of weeks.
  • Sanitize your hands often with soap and water or alcohol-based hand cleaners. 
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze—throw it away immediately after you use it. 
  • Cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve if you don’t have a tissue. 
  • Try not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. 
  • If you are ill, stay home and if needed call your doctor. Corona virus prevention

Online Therapy Via Telehealth 

To our clients at the Cohen Clinics in Killeen, El Paso, and San Antonio, we want to assure you:  we will continue to provide care via Telehealth

You don’t have to cancel your mental health appointments. Telehealth is face-to-face video therapy that addresses everything from depression and anxiety to post-traumatic stress, sleep problems, adolescent behavioral issues, relationship and family stress, and more.

This service, which has been shown to be equally as effective as in-person therapy, provides an opportunity for our Veterans, their families, and the family members of active duty service members to get the therapy they need— all from the comfort of their homes.

Who is eligible for Telehealth? 

This service is available to all post-9/11 veterans, including National Guard and Reserves, as well as military family members. 

All you need to connect is a secure internet connection and a device like a phone, computer, or tablet with audio and video capabilities. At the Cohen Clinics, we use a secure, private, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software to ensure confidential services.

For more information about CVN Telehealth, call 833-CVN-VETS or fill out an online form by clicking here

How should we respond? 

Dr. Jill Palmer​, Senior Director of Clinic Operations, reminds us that, besides the recommended precaution, we should try to stay calm. “Use your stress reduction techniques,” she said. “Practice meditation, exercise, get good family time, and eat well.”

About The Cohen Veterans Network

The Cohen Veterans Network is a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit, clinically integrated mental health system for post-9/11 veterans and their families. CVN focuses on improving mental health outcomes, with a goal to build a network of outpatient mental health clinics for veterans and their families in high-need communities, in which trained clinicians deliver holistic evidence-based care to treat mental health conditions. Learn more about CVN.


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