Stories of Hope: #PeopleHelpingPeople during COVID-19



Even in the face of crisis, humans are resilient, generous, and made for connection. 

Over the last several weeks, as the COVID-19 pandemic has flipped our world upside down, and healthy people are in danger of getting sick. Talented, hard-working people have been laid off. Many of us are unable to visit our friends and loved ones for fear of getting sick. Weddings and funerals have been postponed, church gatherings have been canceled, and small businesses are fighting for their lives. 

At Endeavors, our mission is to serve vulnerable people in crisis. And one thing has become abundantly clear over the past weeks: in the face of COVID-19, we have been faced with a humbling truth: we are all vulnerable because we are all human. 

We are all people who could need help. We are also all people who can help our neighbors, family, friends, and even strangers. But, we understand this pandemic is more devastating to some communities who are more adversely affected due to social, economic, mental, or physical status.

Perhaps this is why, during this crisis, the world has seen people coming together to pour forth generosity, fueling hope in completely unprecedented ways. 

1. Residents who are stuck inside are standing on their balconies, screaming and cheering for doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers in nearby hospitals.  

2. People are donating money and shopping local online to keep small businesses afloat. A prime example: people have started donating to virtual tips to help support hospitality and service industry workers who have been laid off.

virtual tipping COVID

3. Even from six feet away, people are being more intentional with strangers: saying hello, waving, stopping for conversations. 

4. People are donating to help those who are less fortunate during this crisis. At our own Fairweather Family Lodge in San Antonio, Texas, local non-profit San Antonio Threads made a donation of 18 bags of food for the women and children who reside there! (Click here to learn more about how to donate funds and supplies for vulnerable families and individuals!)

SA Threads Donates Food to Fairweather Family Lodge

5. Even though it’s difficult and quarantining makes everyone restless, people are staying at home to protect their communities…up to 90 percent, according to one poll! 

child Stay at Home drawing

6. Neighbors and friends are checking in on each other, going grocery shopping for each other, and mailing encouraging notes. 

7. Families who are stuck at home are spending more time together, and families who are far away are calling more often and reaching out to offer words of love and wisdom.  

We’ve seen people be resilient and generous in the face of crisis— when hurricanes have destroyed homes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, we saw donations and volunteers pour through. Churches and businesses donated beds and clothes and food, seemingly overnight. 

Now, we are seeing the reaction to a large-scale crisis, but the idea is the same: we cannot make it without each other. We are all living in our individual bubbles, but also we are a part of a community that needs our help. 

Thank you essential personnel

Our small businesses need support. Our doctors and nurses need encouragement. Our sick and our elderly need our care and our concern. The sick and dying need our prayers. People need help from people.

The way we respond in the face of this crisis will show us who we are as a society and as individuals. From what we’ve seen so far, it is proving that we are people who choose joy, believe in hope, and will always fight for the common good. 

Choose #CovidKindness! 

Please support our mission as we host a Big Give Relief fund to support families who have been impacted by COVID-19. Please go to our giving page to learn how you can provide the most essential supplies to our housing program residents and Veterans during this time. 

Endeavors COVID-19 Items Needed

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