5 Resources To Help Prepare Your Kids For An Emergency

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When it comes to disasters, having a plan is key. But how do you talk to your kids about earthquakes, fires, and floods without scaring them? Here are 5 fun, colorful ways to teach kids disaster preparedness. 

As a parent, how do you prepare your kids for an emergency? 

Pro Tip: Make it fun, not scary with any of these colorful, lively resources. 

  1. Mickey & Friends Disaster Preparedness Activity Book 

Part of the Disney Digital Books collection, this colorful activity book enlists the help of classic characters to help teach kids how to prepare for and respond to a wide range of emergencies. Developed in part by the American Red Cross, this book can be used online or printed via a free download in both Spanish and English.

  1. Disaster Master” Online Game

If you have kids, you know that interactive learning is the best kind of learning. Thanks to Ready.gov’s online game “Disaster Master,” total disaster preparedness is just eight levels away. Players learn about everything from wildfires to extreme cold by helping five heroes navigate various emergency situations. 

  1. The CDC’s “Ready Wrigley” 

Looking for a printable, straightforward, practical approach? The CDC created a disaster preparedness curriculum around an adorable pup named “Ready Wrigley.” Print out coloring pages and checklists, or download the mobile app for an on-the-go experience.

  1. “Zombie Preparedness” Graphic Novel 

Is “zombie apocalypse” on your disaster preparedness radar? Maybe it should be! The CDC has created a zombie-themed graphic novel that sneakily teaches about everyday emergency prep. The novel (which is suitable for all ages) also includes a handy preparedness checklist! 

  1. Sesame Street Emergency Preparedness Toolkit 

Keep your disaster preparedness plan classic with Sesame Street’s Emergency Preparedness Toolkit. Through a series of entertaining puppet videos and plenty of print resources available for download, Sesame Street ensures you and your kids are prepared for almost anything. 

But what happens if you aren’t prepared? 

If you or your family is in need of help after a hurricane, the Endeavors® Disaster Case Management program is here to help. 

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In addition to providing Disaster Case Management and Emergency Services, we also help connect military families to clinics, provide emergency staffing services, create long-term recovery plans, and far more. 

Note: More information and tips are also available at Ready.gov, FEMA, and AccuWeather 

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