Emergency Rapid Deployment Services

Rapid Deployment/Temporary Shelter Operation Services

Endeavors’ Emergency Services teams are prepared for rapid deployment wherever and whenever crisis occurs. (Click here to see this page in Spanish)

Our organization understands that when a crisis calls, seconds count. Our Emergency Rapid Deployment and Temporary Shelter Operation services seek to respond quickly and supply what is needed in the event of a disaster or crisis.


We support emergency readiness and response through three different services:

1. Natural Disaster Emergency Response (e.g. Natural Disaster Evacuee Support) 

2. Crisis Emergency Response (e.g. Emergency Unaccompanied Minor Care)

3. Pandemic Emergency Response (e.g. COVID-19 Emergency Shelters)

By maintaining a staff of over 1,600 professional reservists throughout the United States, we have the ability to deploy both workforce and equipment needs within 72 hours, 365 days a year in the event of a natural disaster or crisis. Whether help is needed internationally and/or in conjunction with another crisis response, we are capable of multiple deployments.

Our Emergency Rapid Deployment Services provide:

  • Individual and family social assistance services
  • Case management and intake services
  • Emergency childcare services in emergency shelters
  • Emergency childcare services for first responders
  • Relief services in disasters
  • Identification and set up of child-safe zones in temporary shelters and/or locations

Our staff reservists have all been cleared through a Federal Criminal background check and maintain certifications and high levels of proficiency in:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Behavioral Management
  • Trauma Response
  • Shelter Operations
  • Respecting People’s Boundaries
  • Prison Rape Elimination (PREA)
  • National Incident Management System (FEMA NIMS-100-200-700-800 Courses)
  • Bilingual Skills-Spanish-Hindi-Quechua
  • First Aid  & CPR 

Additionally, we are able to rapidly deploy the following specialized personnel:

  • State Certified Teachers and Teachers Aides
  • Licensed Case Managers & Clinicians
  • Child & Direct Care Staff certified in Infant/Child CPR and First Aid

Staffing Services Provided

  • Residential Supervision of Adults and/or Domestic and International Children
  • Crisis Case Management
  • Clinical Case Management
  • Logistical Support
  • Facilities Management
  • Recreation/Activities Management
  • Transport Services
  • Supply Inventory Management
  • Supply Transport-Delivery

From emergency unaccompanied minor care to Hurricane Harvey incident support, we’ve been rapidly deploying emergency services for nearly a decade.

Deployment History

  • 2018-2019 Emergency Unaccompanied Minor Direct Care-6,200 Children-Tornillo, Texas
  • 2017-2018    Hurricane Harvey Incident Support-1550 Evacuees-Houston, Port Arthur, and Orange,Texas
  • 2016-2017    Emergency Unaccompanied Minor Direct Care-7,000 Children-Dona Anna, New Mexico
  • 2014-2017    Social Work Services-500 Native American Children-Bureau of Indian Affairs Spirit Lake Indian Reservation
  • 2014-2015    Emergency Unaccompanied Minor Direct Care-7,000 Children -Lackland A.F.B. Texas and Oklahoma
  • 2013 Emergency Unaccompanied Minor Direct Care-150 Children- Nathrop, Colorado
  • 2012   Emergency Unaccompanied Minor Direct Care-2000 Children- Lackland A.F.B. San Antonio, Texas


  • 624230 Emergency and Other Relief Services
  • 624410 Child Day Care Services
  • 624190 Other Individual & Family Services
  • 561311 Employment Placement Agencies

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