Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Endeavors® is here for families and children in crisis.

For Endeavors®, an effective Emergency Services program means two things: we respond quickly, and we supply what is needed. Which is why, at all times, we are capable of multiple deployments (internationally and concurrently).

Our Emergency Services program includes:

  • Individual and family social assistance services
  • Case management and intake services
  • Emergency childcare services in emergency shelters
  • Emergency childcare services for first responders
  • Relief services in disasters
  • Identification and set up of child-safe zones in temporary shelters and/or locations

Staff Qualifications

  • Licensed Case Managers & Clinicians
  • Child & Direct Care Staff certified in Infant/Child CPR and First Aid
  • Federal Criminal Background Checks
  • Specialized Training in Behavior Management, Crisis Intervention, and Trauma Response
  • Specialized Training in Shelter Operations
  • 800 Reservists on standby 365 days a year


  • 624230 Emergency and Other Relief Services
  • 624410 Child Day Care Services
  • 624190 Other Individual & Family Services
  • 561311 Employment Placement Agencies