6 Ways HEB Goes Beyond Groceries To Serve Communities

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We’d like to spotlight a few of the ways shopping at H-E-B is actually a vote for a better Texas. 

If you have ever spent time in Texas, you are probably well-acquainted with H-E-B. 

As one of the nation’s largest independently owned food retailers, H-E-B serves families all over Texas and Mexico in 155 communities, with more than 340 stores and over 100,000 employees.

The familiar bright red signs are visible across the state, welcoming shoppers to step inside and discover a different kind of grocery experience— one infused with kindness, care, and delight. From their incredible customer service to their one-of-a-kind products (think: Texas Pecan coffee beans), H-E-B is an embodiment of Texas hospitality. 

However, this regional grocery darling is more than just a grocery store: it’s a community establishment committed to investing in its cities and state. 

H-E-B’s incredible commitment to public service is an integral part of the brand’s value system. As a nonprofit operating in Texas, we’ve seen firsthand the amazing ways this company has shown up to help its communities. 

So, in case you weren’t already a fan of Texas’ favorite grocery store, we’d like to spotlight a few of the ways shopping at H-E-B is actually a vote for a better Texas. 

1. Financial Donations

When you shop at H-E-B, your money doesn’t just go to the business. Rather, this company proudly displays what it calls a “Spirit of Giving,” contributing five percent of pre‑tax earnings to public and charitable programs. This commitment has been going strong since the 1930s! Way to go, H-E-B! 

2. Education Support

One major way H-E-B- invests in its communities is by supporting local schools. Since 2002, the H-E-B Excellence in Education Awards have focused on rewarding Texas educators who go the extra mile each and every day to serve their students and faculty. This past year, the company donated $430,000 in cash awards and grants to eight educators, two school districts, an early childhood agency, and a public school board.

Photo Courtesy of HEB

3. Disaster Relief 

When disaster strikes, H-E-B is committed to providing aid in times of need. H-E-B’s “Helping Here” philosophy promises to stand by communities during times of crisis. Their commitment to this philosophy has taken many shapes— from donating financial support to emergency supplies to drinking water and food. On top of all of this, H-E-B also allows its customers to be a part of the solution, providing efficient ways for shoppers to assist those affected by a natural disaster.

Photo courtesy of HEB

4. Veteran Aid & Assistance 

Hailing from the great state of Texas, H-E-B’s commitment to supporting and appreciating military men and women shines through on a majorly patriotic level. “Operation Appreciation” is a company-wide H-E-B campaign created to honor the brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. A major part of this campaign, “Homes Built For Heroes” gives away ultra-accessible, mortgage-free, fully furnished homes to severely wounded Veterans and their families across Texas.

Photo Courtesy of HEB

5. Hunger Relief 

As a part of the grocery industry, H-E-B takes food and hunger very seriously. Started in 1990, the H-E-B “Help End Hunger campaign” has been giving customers the opportunity to help their local food bank in the fight against hunger and malnutrition among thousands of children, elderly, and needy families in communities throughout Texas and Mexico. Last year, H-E-B customers across Texas raised $696,400, or 3 million meals for 20 Texas food banks.

6. Community Donations (Endeavors + HEB)

We have witnessed H-E-B’s Spirit of Giving in plenty of ways. As we fight to help vulnerable populations in Texas, H-E-B has shown up plenty of times to assist our efforts to help people. 

H-E-B has donated thousands of dollars in gift cards as well as fitness equipment (yoga mats) to our Veteran Wellness Program and Veteran Wellness Center, pantry items to our McAllen Veteran Supportive Services office, and flowers to the women at our Fairweather Family Lodge.

We’d like to say a big holiday “Thank you” to H-E-B for their continued support as we seek to help vulnerable people in crisis in Texas and beyond. 

About Endeavors

Endeavors is a longstanding national non-profit that provides an array of programs and services in support of children, families, Veterans, and those struggling with mental illness and other disabilities. Endeavors serves vulnerable people in crisis through innovative personalized services. For more information, please visit www.endeavors.org.

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