Supportive Housing: Christian’s Success Story


When Christian arrived at Endeavors™’ Fairweather Family Lodge, Child Protective Services was involved with her children and she was in drug court due to a drug addiction.

She also had no back account, a low credit score, a broken lease, six traffic warrants, owed money to the city, and had defaulted on loans.

Due to drug use, Christian had severe damage to her teeth and gums and invisible wounds from past trauma and untreated depression.

Upon arriving to the Fairweather Family Lodge, Christian had access to mental and dental healthcare a had a chance to re-bond with her children.

The Fairweather Family Lodge environment offered the family a sense of of safety and security, enabling them to heal from past trauma from domestic violence.

Christian says the shelter, support, and material help supported her in learning how to be a parent and enabled her to focus on being a mom. Part of that support was the group environment. By meeting others moms and children who had survived a situation like hers, Christian was able to see the road to improvement and the life she wanted.

“Addiction isolated me and FFL linked me with other families who were walking in my same shoes.”

Christian received care to fix her teeth and gums. She opened a new bank account, paid off all debts, and repaired her credit score. She was also able to begin saving and paying back her loans.

When Christian and her children left the Fairweather Family Lodge, they left to a home that she bought – one of her greatest accomplishments and one that had considered unattainable.

From Christian:

“[Fairweather Family Lodge] has given me priceless gifts of healing and growth with my children. Together, we have come a long way emotionally and spiritually! A true fresh start from the wreckage of my past; 1,000 pound weight lifted off my shoulders. I have friendships that I didn’t know I needed and will keep all my life!”

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