Covid-19 Prevention
Misting Services

Endeavors Unlimited is a private, non-profit organization

dedicated to employing individuals with disabilities.

COVID-19 Prevention Misting Services
Protect your employees and customers with our specialized sanitization services.
Our services are perfect for daycares, senior care centers, restaurants, corporate offices, automobiles, and more.

Our Non-toxic Solution is:

  • Odorless
  • Colorless
  • Food-safe
  • Suitable for Porous and Non-porous Surfaces

With disinfection services in high demand, our solutions provide sanitization, utilizing an EPA registered, broad-spectrum, bleach-free, non-caustic chlorine mist, infused with ionized hydrogen peroxide that goes above and beyond what standard cleaning wipes and sprays can do.

Levels of Service

Our sanitizing missing services protect against COVID-19 and other seasonal pathogens, including the flu. All services are provided by a trained professional, wearing appropriate PPE. See below for our levels of services.

How Can We Help You?


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