Veteran Services: Mr. Dayton’s Success Story

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After four years of service, Mr. Dayton, a US Air Force Veteran, struggled with mental health issues and the inability to provide for his family. Mr. Dayton was homeless for two years, commuting to a nearby town for odd jobs while staying in abandoned home to be near his ill mother.

After being introduced to a Veteran Supportive Services case manager at Endeavors™, Mr. Dayton was able to gain permanent supportive housing. Along with rental and utility assistance, Endeavors™ also provided Mr. Dayton with a mattress, general housing items and food to meet some of his most basic needs. Once housed, Mr. Dayton was able to start receiving mental health services at the VA, apply for SNAP benefits and get his GI bill reinstated.

Mr. Dayton has been accepted to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Brownsville and is participating in daily tutoring sessions to prepare himself for the summer semester. In addition to his studies, Mr. Dayton has been offered a work-study position through the University’s Upward Bound program. Endeavors™, with a donation from Green Beret in McAllen, provided Mr. Dayton with a bicycle so that he can commute to work and school more easily. Mr. Dayton continues to work with his case manager at Endeavors™ and has recently applied for the HUD/VASH program in order to receive a Housing Choice Voucher.

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