Glen’s Story

Prior to me coming into the Fairweather program, I was in very bad shape. All I would do is lay around my apartment everyday and watch television. I had all my blinds and curtains closed. I had it as dark as possible. I lived in a world of hallucinations, depression, anxiety, had very bad dreams and heard voices. I would look out my peek-hole and actually see and hear people talking, which made me afraid to go outside the apartment. I would only go out to empty the trash and check the mail. I was very afraid of people. For me to have to ride the bus was a crisis, because not only was I paranoid, but I thought everyone on the bus was either talking about me or simply looking at me. It got so bad for me I had to get off the bus and go back home. At home I couldn’t rest or sleep for weeks at a time. I had no one to call on, being that my family just didn’t understand what my mental state was. My brother and his girlfriend would bring me food.

At times my dreams would have me running from my apartment. Just to realize later that it was just a dream! I don’t know what caused me to try to act out these dreams. I do know that as far as I was concerned, my ordeals were so real and there was nothing I could do about them. My psychiatrist at the time acted as if he didn’t believe the psychotic episodes or what I was going through. He claimed that my mind was playing tricks on me.

Finally getting into Fairweather Lodge, It was a Friday that I was accepted into the program. They asked me when did I want to move in and I was so excited! I told them that I would move in on Monday. The clients and staff were so nice to me. I finally felt I was somebody with a support system and as long as I stayed in the program, that I’d never be alone.

The staff at Fairweather were and still to this day are the most professional and caring people I know. If I have a problem or concern they are always there for me. Since I came into the program I have made a 180° turn around. I’m not perfect and I still have problems, but in this program there’s always someone to talk to in helping you resolve your problems. I’m still a little apprehensive about people both staff and client, but through Fairweather they gave me the tools to cope. Fairweather tries to always have us do positive things.

I thank God and the Fairweather program for what it has done for me. Fairweather not only supply the bare essentials of life, like, food, shelter etc., but there’s a strong base to help you socially. Whether you need to see a doctor, go check with Social Security or to file your income tax. Fairweather can and will try to take care of you socially or mentally.

Fairweather has a job program also, where you can work and earn money. I’m presently a crew-leader on one of our janitorial crews. I’ve made employee of the month two times and to top that off, I made Janitorial employee of the year 2004. Can you believe that?

There’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever that if it wasn’t for Fairweather, there’s no telling where I’d be. That’s why I appreciate the Fairweather program and its entire staff. Here at Fairweather you are treated like a person and not by your illness. I’d recommend Fairweather to anyone.

Thanks, Glen

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